DI D/F BEND 90⁰ is a specialized bending component tailored for achieving precise 90-degree bends in piping systems. Crafted with advanced engineering, this product ensures optimal flow characteristics and structural integrity in a variety of industrial applications.


  1. Water and Wastewater Management: DI D/F BEND 90⁰ finds critical application in water and wastewater systems, providing accurate bends for pipes to navigate around obstacles and corners efficiently.
  2. Chemical Processing Plants: In chemical industries, where the integrity of piping systems is paramount, DI D/F BEND 90⁰ facilitates precise bends, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of various chemicals.
  3. HVAC Systems:For heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, DI D/F BEND 90⁰ contributes to the creation of efficient ductwork, allowing for optimal airflow and thermal regulation.


  1. Optimal Flow Characteristics: DI D/F BEND 90⁰ is engineered to maintain optimal flow characteristics within piping systems, reducing turbulence and pressure drops associated with abrupt bends.
  2. Precision Engineering: The product’s design ensures precise and consistent 90-degree bends, meeting the highest industry standards for accuracy in piping installations.
  3. Corrosion Resistance:Constructed from materials with excellent corrosion resistance, DI d/F BEND 90⁰ ensures longevity and reliability in corrosive environments, minimizing maintenance requirements
  4. Ease of Installation: With a design focused on ease of installation, DI D/F BEND 90⁰ streamlines the integration of angled bends into piping systems, saving time and labour costs.

In conclusion, DI D/F BEND 90⁰ stands as a pinnacle of precision and functionality in angled bending for piping systems.